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Gift a flight experience

Wingly's gift card allows you to book any UK flight on the platform. With over 30,000 flights, 4,000 pilots and 450 airfields available, the lucky recipient just has to pick a flight and enjoy the experience... An exceptional activity to do with friends, family, as a couple or even alone!

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How it works?

Pilots post flights

Share your passion and costs with passengers. At Wingly we believe that you should never fly with empty seats. There are people who would love to fly with you.

Passengers join flights

Admire beautiful landscapes from above. Find a flight, book it and enjoy a unique flight adventure that you'll never forget!

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Fly with trust

Wingly is a community of trustworthy aviation enthusiasts. All pilots and passengers review each other. Wingly verifies each pilot's licence and medical certificate.

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What Wingly offers

Sightseeing Flights

Discover your region like never before. Enjoy beautiful landscapes from the sky. The perfect activity to spend a memorable and wonderful time with your loved ones.

Excursion Flights

Fancy lunch on the beach? Join one of our pilots for an excursion as a day trip or even for the weekend. To the coast, the mountains or cities - nothing is impossible with flight sharing.

One Way Flights

A simple way to get from one point to another. Join a pilot on their cross-country flight in a private aircraft. You will only wish your trip would have lasted longer.

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Fly Safe with Wingly

SAAM Verspieren

Safety is our priority. We work closely with the European Aviation Safety Agency with whom we signed a safety Charter. In addition, Wingly covers you with additional insurance coverage with SAAM-Verspieren.

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What you will love about us

What people love about us

Amber (Passenger)

Simon was an excellent Pilot, we felt really comfortable flying with him even considering one of us is a pretty nervous flyer! Such a fantastic day trip, I would highly recommend.

Andrew (Pilot)

Tom is probably the nicest, most easy going person I have ever had the fortune to meet. He was an excellent passenger, fully understood the 10 minute sterile cockpit rule. At the destination he was perfectly happy to go off and do his own thing, totally self sufficient. Excellent chap and passenger. If you get the chance to fly with him do so, you will enjoy it immensely.

They fell in love with us

They fell in love with us

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