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Safety and Trust

User Rating System

In order to ensure safety, security and trust within the Wingly community, we have created a rating system for users. After a shared flight, both the pilot and passenger are invited to share their experience and give each other a rating from one to five stars. This makes it easier for passengers to identify a pilot that is trustworthy and for pilots to do the same for passengers before confirming the flight.

Verification and Validation of Users

Every user (passenger and pilot) can provide their address, phone number and passport to verify their identity to complete their profile. This means the platform has a good level of mutual trust and ensures safety standards.
For cost-shared flights, individual pilots must provide copies of their pilot licence and medical certificate in order to be verified and advertise their flights on Wingly.
For commercial flights, operators must provide valid licences and respective certifications from the aviation authority as well as insurance documentation in order to be allowed to advertise their flights on Wingly.

Is it legal?

Cost shared flights operated by private individuals fall under European Regulation (EU) No 379/2014 of 7th April 2014, amending Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012.Flights can be legally cost-shared by private individuals on non-complex aeroplanes and helicopters, in accordance with the rules of Part NCO, on the condition that the direct costs are shared by all occupants of the aircraft, pilot included, and the number of people sharing the direct cost is limited to 6.
Only direct costs can be shared and the pilot cannot make any profit on the flight. We have written confirmation from the European and national authorities that state the above.

See Commission Regulation

The UK CAA has also confirmed the legality under order 1188 General Exception E4277 allows cost-sharing in the same way EASA does. This legislation replaced the Air Navigation Order 2016 which stated that advertising a cost-shared flight was not possible.

See CAA confirmation
See CAA Guidance

You can see a sum-up about the legality of flight sharing in Europe and especially the UK.

See the full CAA guidelines

Wingly Pro flights are operated by partner commercial aviation organisations. These flights differ from cost-shared flights by private individuals as the flights are made for profit under commercial regulations designated by the national authorities. These flights are conducted by Air transport operators that hold an Air Operators Certificate and possibly an Air Transport Licence, or an Approved Training Organisation or Designated Training Organisation.


In general aviation, Passengers, their luggage and third parties on the ground are all covered by the aircraft's liability insurance.
In addition to this, for cost-shared flights operated via private individuals, Wingly has created an insurance policy with Allianz. This insurance is automatically applied by Wingly on bookings made on cost-shared flights.
Wingly Pro flights are operated commercially via partner organisations in accordance with EU regulations and hence are required to insure all their flights. This insurance is directly applied by the partner organisations for all bookings made on their commercial flights advertised by Wingly.
Find more info on our insurance on our Insurance Page.

Payment made easy

Wingly manages all transactions related to the flight. Passengers pay when booking the flight then, the money is held until the flight takes place and it is then transferred to the pilot afterwards. If the flight does not take place, passengers receive a gift card for the amount they paid.

Data Privacy

Wingly shall treat the protection of personal information as a priority in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information on how we collect, use and protect data, see section 6 of our terms of use.

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