Safety and Trust


User Rating System

In order to ensure safety, security and trust within the Wingly community, we have created a rating system for users. After a shared flight, both pilot and passenger are invited to share their experience and give each other a rating from one to five stars. This makes it easier for passengers to identify a pilot that is trustworthy and for pilots to do the same for passengers they would be eager to take on board with them.


Verification and Validation of Users

Every user (passenger and pilot) is asked to provide their address, phone number and passport in order to verify their identity and complete their profile. Until the user supplies this information, they are not able to join, request or offer a flight. This ensures the platform has a good level of mutual trust and raises the safety standards. As well as this, pilots must provide copies of their licence and medical certificate as well as showing their flight hours.


Is it legal?

Yes. According to the European Regulation (EU) No 379/2014 of 7th April 2014, amending Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, pilots are allowed to share flights as long as the aircraft does not exceed 6 seats and has a non-complex motorisation. Furthermore, costs can only be shared, pilots are not allowed to make any profit on the flight. We have received written confirmation from the EASA, stating that flight sharing and advertising flights is totally legal, as long as the costs are fairly shared. The CAA also confirmed it is legal in a letter to us. However, it is important to note that Air Navigation Order 2016, which states that advertising a cost shared flight is not possible, has been superseded by Order 1188 General Exception E4277 which allows cost sharing in the same way EASA does. In other words, because the flight remains a private one, the pilot does not need a commercial pilot’s licence to share their costs with passengers.

You can see a sum-up about the legality of flight sharing in Europe and especially the UK

See sum-up document


Passengers, their luggage and third parties on the ground are covered by the aircraft’s liability insurance. This liability insurance was made compulsory for light aircraft on 1st of May 2005 by European regulation CE 785/2004. The pilot is optionally covered by his individual accident insurance.
In order to bring extra insurance coverage, Wingly cooperates with its broker SAAM Verspieren Group and signed an insurance policy with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS). Our insurance policy is free of charge and is offered systematically on all Wingly flights carried out on light aircraft. Find more info on our insurance on our Insurance Page.


Payment made easy

Payment can be made using debit / credit card or via Paypal.
Debit / Credit Card:
Once you have booked the flight, we take a pre-authorisation for the full amount. If the pilot then approves the user’s request, we withdraw the money and then either transfer it to the pilot after the flight or we fully reimburse you in case of a flight cancellation.
Once you have booked the flight, we withdraw the full amount and then either transfer it to the pilot after the flight or we fully reimburse you in case of a flight cancellation.


Information Privacy

All your information is safe on Wingly. We will not forward any information or documents you send us to third parties except governmental institutions to verify your identity.