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About us

We make private aviation accessible to everyone

What if flying was not a matter of waiting in line, rushing or price? What if flying was a matter of discovery, freedom, and sharing?

That’s what Wingly believes in, and why we come to work every day; to build a trusted, international community uniting pilots and passengers that continues to grow. Taking thousands of people under our wing every year to explore the most beautiful landscapes from a unique point of view and make unforgettable memories.

Together, we reinvent the meaning of flying. We are democratising mankind’s oldest dream.

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The Story

It all started with a meeting between three aviation and entrepreneurship enthusiasts, each having had the idea of flight sharing even before getting to know each other: Emeric de Waziers, Bertrand Joab-Cornu and Lars Klein.

In Europe, there are 10 million seats that remain empty per year due to the lack of passengers accompanying private pilots. Whilst flying is an expensive passion for pilots, private aviation is often considered a luxury reserved for the elite. What if we were to democratise private aviation and redesign the experience within the collaborative economy to provide millions of passengers with a unique, affordable aviation experience?

June 2015

Wingly was created by Emeric, Bertrand and Lars in France.

August 2015

The French national legal context put a halt on flight sharing activity on French soil.

January 2016

The startup was launched in the German market, and began to grow rapidly.

August 2016

Wingly moved to Berlin, incubated within "Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator" for 100 days.

February 2017

Wingly launched operations in the United Kingdom.

June 2017

Wingly finally managed to get flight sharing re-established in France due to the decision made by the French Council of State and with the support of the EASA.

Our core values


Sharing is the central pillar of Wingly. It’s the sharing within our community of pilots and passengers and also the sharing of knowledge within our team. Finally, it’s about the sharing of our vision to democratise private aviation.


Enthusiasm is the spark that drives us forward and it is this enthusiasm for aviation and what we do that helps us contribute towards the democratisation of flying. In the same way as an enthusiastic Wingly pilot would take you flying!


Since the start of Wingly, we have always demonstrated the ability to continually tackle challenges head-on while going beyond our means to achieve our goals. It is due to this perseverance that we were able to establish flight sharing regulations on a European scale.


Safety is our core mindset. Our objective is to facilitate Wingly flights in the safest way possible. This is why we work with the European and National authorities to further promote a culture of safety while flight sharing.

Explore the thrill of flying

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