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Why fly over Liverpool on a private plane or helicopter?

Liverpool, the iconic city of northwest England, is famous for its cultural, musical and sporting heritage. Wingly offers you the chance to discover this city and its surroundings from the air by microlight. Enjoy this unique experience and take in the beauty and rich history of the region. 

Discover the Mersey and Liverpool Docks by plane

Start your flight with a spectacular view of the River Mersey. Here you'll find the docks, witnesses to England's history and the industrial era that enabled the city to prosper. Of course, it's not just the old days you'll see, as some of these docks have been modernised and revitalised today. 

Fly over Anfield Stadium and Goodison Park

If you're a football fan, this is probably what you'll be most interested in. Flying over Anfield and Goodison Park, the respective strongholds of Liverpool and Everton, will be a highlight. Seen from the sky aboard a Wingly flight, these mythical stadiums will reveal their majestic architecture and their emblematic place in your fans' hearts. 

The Pennine Hills

Beyond the city, the Pennine Hills stretch out with their gentle relief and verdant landscapes. This mountain range, nicknamed "England's backbone", offers panoramic views and reveals the region's natural splendor.

Peak District National Park from the air

If you're looking for breathtaking scenery, pay close attention as the pilot flies over the Peak District National Park! You'll see valleys, moors and ridges that contrast the urbanity of Liverpool with nature, a symbol of peace and beauty. 

Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest is a real treat. It is the largest wooded area in Cheshire. As Liverpool's green lung, Delamere Forest is a haven for local flora and fauna. Seen from above, you'll enjoy a true ode to nature.

Cheshire and its Historic Properties

Those with a passion for landscapes and history will love looking out over the Cheshire countryside. Admire the elegant historic estates with their gardens and mansions which, magnified by the aerial perspective, offer a glimpse of aristocratic life. 

What are you waiting for to discover Liverpool?

It's for all these great things that Wingly is giving you this opportunity to fly over Liverpool and the surrounding area. It's a unique experience, a journey that takes you beyond the clichés to discover the body and soul of this dynamic city. You can also offer a flight to a loved one with our gift cards. Every moment of the flight will fill them with wonder, and our passionate private pilots are happy to give you the best possible flight. If you've never flown before, now is your time to book an extraordinary maiden flight! 

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