Planet and Climate: Our Actions

Planet and Climate: Our Actions

We are digital natives and have introduced cost sharing in aviation. We have strong levers to promote the use of 100% electric aircrafts and raise awareness about the environmental challenges the aviation sector faces.

Our Climate Actions

Beyond Figures: The Importance of Conscious Choices

We are all responsible for our carbon footprint. This means we should all actively take steps to reduce our daily consumption habits. Wingly's commitments are to communicate the emissions generated by flights to our users by the end of 2025, as well as encourage the pilot community to accelerate the ecological transition of the aviation sector.

Light aviation: 0.06% of CO2 emissions

Even though 0.06% of CO2 emissions may not seem like a high percentage, Wingly is determined to play an active role in making aviation more sustainable. As a matter of fact, since light aviation is still only practiced by a small part of the world's population, it has the full potential to reinvent itself rapidly. Wingly already has the 2-seater electric planes available on the platform and soon we will be able to offer the 4-seater electric planes with better range.

In order to accelerate the introduction and the usage of the first certified 100% electric aircraft, the Velis Electro, Wingly has partnered with Green Aerolease who offer leasing services for this specific airplane, in all of Europe.

Discover Green Aerolease

Wingly's commitments to sustainable aviation

We will communicate and inform our users about CO2 emissions caused by Wingly flights with full transparency.
Furthermore, in the course of 2025, we shall launch a program to finance electric planes and encourage our pilots to fly more environmentally friendly aircraft. Our aim is also to pave the path for 100% sustainable regional aviation.

The aviation sector needs to evolve and embrace change: instead of prioritising speed and luxury, the future of aviation should focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Transforming Aviation

Light aviation is the innovation hub of aviation. What works on a small scale is then scaled up. For example, the electric and hydrogen-powered aircrafts initially emerged with 2 to 10 seats. The first certified aircraft with 100% electric propulsion is also a two-seater. It has been on the market for two years and can be flown with Wingly.

The Future is Now

Our strategy is built on two pillars. In the short-term, we will fund the utilisation of 100% electric aircrafts in order to promote their usage. In the medium-term, we plan to develop sustainable regional aviation.

Our Concrete Actions: Wingly’s CO2 Reduction Contribution Programme

As of 2025, Wingly will create a sustainability fund to which its users will contribute according to the direct monetary cost of the CO2 emissions generated by their flights: €6 on average for a 1-hour flight emitting 77kg of CO2. The fund will directly finance the deployment of electric aircraft.
This fund is expected to finance almost 4 planes in 2025.

Medium-term Goal: Regional Aviation

We aim to provide regional connections that are currently unavailable, and most likely never will be, by train nor airlines. Sustainable aviation is the solution to this problem. Between the years of 2025 and 2030, many revolutionary hybrid, 100% electric and hydrogen aircrafts will be available on the market. This will be a game changer for air travel under 800 km.
By 2028, Wingly aims to provide these regional routes thanks to the already well established European airfields and to these new technologies, which will be environmentally friendly and more cost-effective to operate.

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