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Allianz SAAM

Be on the safe side: Wingly pilots and passengers benefit from insurance coverage:

In general aviation, Passengers, their luggage and third parties on the ground are all covered by the aircraft's liability insurance.
In addition to this, when Wingly flights are cost-shared and operated via private individuals, Wingly has a partnership with SAAM Verspieren Group and has created an insurance policy with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS). This insurance is automatically applied by Wingly on bookings made on cost-shared flights taking place in all light aircraft in flights across Europe and countries along the mediterranean coast. Our additional complimentary insurance can cover benefits up to 1 million euros in addition to the default obligatory aircraft liability insurance. The additional insurance coverage provided for cost shared flights only and not Wingly Pro flights
Wingly Pro flights are operated commercially via partner organisations in accordance with aviation regulations of their specific country and hence are required to insure all their flights. This insurance is directly applied by the partner organisations for all commercial flights advertised on Wingly.

A first in general aviation:

This tailored insurance policy results from the joint efforts between Wingly, SAAM Verspieren Group, and ACGS; three European firms, who are leaders within their respective domains. Wingly’s users can now benefit from this insurance, which has been dubbed: the Aircraft Liability Insurance for the Pilot User.

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