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Wingly is a digital platform which connects private pilots as well as commercial operators with passengers. By advertising flights on Wingly, you will increase your booking rate and reach a vast audience.

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Free and personalised support for the creation of your account and the posting of your flights.

Wingly only takes a commision on flights taking place

A completely automatic and integrated platform.

Increase your bookings

Over 150,000 monthly site visits and a database of almost 350,000 potential passengers.

Dedicated customer support

Our teams will guide you through your passenger management.

A unique digital platform dedicated to aviation.

We are trusted by the largest online aviation community in the world.




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How does it work?

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  1. Get in touch with our teams

    Together, we will set up your Wingly Pro account and will take care of advertising your flights.

  2. Manage your bookings

    From the platform, you can accept, reschedule or refuse your booking requests in one click.

  3. Request payment for your bookings

    Once the flight has been carried out, initiate automated payouts.

  4. Make the most of your passenger feedback.

    After the flight, passengers can share their experience with other users.

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Platform certified by EASA and validated by the UK, European, Swiss aviation authorities.


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