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Fly over London

Why fly over London and the surrounding area on a plane or helicopter?
Discover London in a completely new and exciting way with a flying experience over London. Breathtaking panoramas and magnificent scenery are just the beginning of this unforgettable adventure.

1. The Fields and Hills of Surrey:
A flying experience over London will transport you over the hills and fields of Surrey, revealing majestic nature and bucolic landscapes. The harmony of green and golden hues paints a vivid picture of tranquility and natural beauty, promising an escape from the urban blues. Surrey, with its vast landscapes and panoramas, offers an unforgettable aerial spectacle.

2. South Downs National Park:
Exploring the South Downs National Park by microlight is a visual journey through flower-filled hillsides. The contrast between the shades of green and the blue of the sky creates an idyllic setting that will take you by surprise. This flight captures the pure, untamed essence of the South Downs, immortalizing its natural splendor and serenity.

3. The Thames Valley:
The Thames Valley is revealed in all its splendor during a flying experience, where the river meanders through diverse terrain. The banks of the Thames, adorned with historic cities and flourishing meadows, depict a harmony between man and nature. This aerial tour gives you a privileged view of the meandering course of this emblematic river.

4. Epping Forest:
Take a flying experience over the Epping Forest and discover a haven of peace and biodiversity. This ancient forest stretches out like a green bower, where the trees seem to touch the sky. Immerse yourself in a world where flora and fauna reign supreme, revealing a spectacle of color and life that leaves you in awe of this unspoilt natural environment.

5. The Kent countryside:
When you choose a flying experience from London, the Kent countryside is yours to discover in all its splendour. Known as the "Garden of England", this region's fertile fields, orchards and hamlets are laid out before you. The panorama here is a harmonious blend of colours and textures. When would you choose to fly over this countryside? 

6. Richmond Park:
Fly over Richmond Park, the natural gem in the heart of the city. This royal park, with its vast expanses of meadows, deer herds and water features, is a bubble of serenity and biodiversity. Richmond Park offers a verdant, revitalising escape from London's bustling metropolis.

What are you waiting for your flying experience over London ?

A flying experience over London and the surrounding area is a sensational adventure that reveals unparalleled views, as well as a new perspective on the natural wonders surrounding the metropolis. Don't hesitate to book your flight now for a unique experience, and don't forget to share your adventures on social networks! If you've never flown before, this is your chance to have an extraordinary maiden flight, accompanied by our passionate private pilots. Explore the wonders of London in an exceptional way and make unforgettable memories of your trip in the air!

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