The 10 commandments for Wingly Passengers

1. Listen to the pilot

As a passenger, it’s important to listen to all of the pilot's instructions. During the flight, pay attention to any advice they may give and keep in mind that they have been trained to ensure everyone's safety. Pay close attention to the information given to you before, during and after the flight.

2. The weather can change your plan

It is very important to understand that weather plays a key part in whether your flight goes ahead as planned, or needs to be rescheduled/cancelled. Pilots have received training that gives them an understanding of weather conditions and their consequences. The great majority of pilots have VFR (Visual Flight Rules) training and can therefore fly in visual conditions only. Some pilots have an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) rating and can fly in adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, if the pilot believes it’s unsafe to fly on the day of the flight, their decision is final and must be respected. Safety first!

3. You shouldn't pay more than an equal share of the costs on cost shared flights

Flight sharing is based on equally sharing the costs directly related to the flight. It’s illegal for a pilot to make a profit while conducting a cost shared Wingly flight. We ask pilots to split the cost of the flight equally, so each passenger pays the same amount.
Wingly Pro flights differ from the above, as they are operated by partner commercial aviation organisations. These flights differ from cost shared flights by private individuals as the flights are made for profit and fall under commercial regulations.

4. Be precise regarding your weight

Light aircraft are very sensitive to weight and the centre of gravity is fixed by the pilot with regards to the weight you have declared for yourself, any other passengers, and any luggage. Therefore, it is very important that all passengers respect the maximum weight authorised by the pilot and don't move around any luggage during the flight. Please indicate your weight and the weight of your luggage precisely when you make a booking request.

5. Don’t bring any illegal or unnecessary goods

It’s forbidden to carry any illegal goods in the aircraft, if you have any doubts regarding something that you want to take with you during the flight, please feel free to ask the pilot. The pilot has full authority to check this and cancel the flight if they believe you may be carrying dangerous or illegal goods on board.

6. Be friendly and polite with the pilot

Flight sharing requires a collaborative atmosphere. If you have any questions, fears or doubts, please don't hesitate to ask the pilot as they would be happy to help. Flight sharing is about meeting new people and discovering the joy of aviation - enjoy it to the fullest!

7. Be on time

Always be on time for your flight! The flights are precisely planned and it’s important to stick to the schedule.

8. You shouldn’t pay more than an equal share of the costs

Flight sharing is based on equally sharing the costs directly related to the flight. It’s illegal for a pilot to make a profit while conducting a Wingly flight. We ask pilots to split the cost of the flight equally, so each passenger pays the same amount.

9. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the aircraft

All Wingly flights are non-smoking.

10. Enjoy your flight and don’t forget your camera!

The 10 commandments for Wingly Pilots

1. You are the decision maker on the aircraft

You, and you alone, have the authority to make decisions concerning the flight and the aircraft. The presence of passengers on board shouldn’t pressure you in any way - you are in charge of everyone’s safety. If you feel you cannot fly please reschedule or cancel the flight and we will automatically refund the passengers.

2. Keep the passengers informed about the flight conditions

Bad weather conditions are the main reason for mishaps in light aviation. Therefore, it’s very important that you update the passengers of the weather forecast the day before the flight and let them know whether the flight will take place or not. Wingly flights can be cancelled or rescheduled anytime due to bad/uncertain weather conditions or any other reasons. The presence of passengers should never keep you from cancelling or rescheduling a flight if you feel the conditions are not safe.

3. Equal cost-sharing should never be exceeded on cost-shared fights.

On Wingly cost-shared flights operated by private individuals are non commercial flights, making a profit or paying less than the passengers defeats the purpose of flight sharing. Making money off a flight qualifies the flight as commercial and leads to you, your aircraft and the passengers not being covered by the obligatory insurance, Wingly insurance and could also jeopardise your PPL. To ensure everyone’s safety and to prevent any abuse, we ask all pilots on Wingly to never exceed the pro-rata share of the cost.
The above does not concern Wingly Pro flights, as the flights are made for profit and fall under commercial regulations.

4. Make the passengers feel welcomed

A lot of passengers you take onboard will be new to the general aviation world and therefore it is vital that you make sure they feel comfortable and understand your instructions before taking off. Be an ambassador for GA - who knows, you may inspire your next passenger to get their own licence one day.

5. Bring your licenses with you for the flight

Even though Wingly validates your licence, it is still obligatory that you have any required documents with you on the day of the flight.

6. Use the aircraft indicated on Wingly for the flight

When you post a flight on Wingly, you must indicate which aircraft you will be flying for that particular flight. It’s important to stick to the mentioned aircraft or to report any changes as soon as possible.

7. The aircraft used must have insurance coverage for everyone onboard

Aero Clubs are responsible for their aircraft coverage. However, you should make sure that the aircraft you are planning to use for cost shared flights is covering both you and your passengers. We may ask you to provide a proof of insurance at any giving time. Wingly pilots and passengers benefit from an extra coverage if your insurance is insufficient.

8. Be responsible and friendly

For a lot of passengers, this will be their first experience in a light aircraft and it is therefore important that you make them feel at ease. Try to adopt a smooth flying style and to limit any unnecessary manoeuvers.

9. Tolerate a 30 minutes delay from the passengers

Most passengers are not used to smaller airfields, therefore, we ask you to be tolerant and to wait up to 30 minutes for the passengers after the time you agreed on. Keep in mind that we ask Wingly passengers to arrive in advance for their flights so there’s no need to be worried. Please inform the passengers of where they need to meet you and give them directions to the airfield if needs be.

10. Share your passion and have a great flight!