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Fly over Leeds

Why fly over Leeds and the surrounding area in a plane or helicopter? 
Discover a little-known aspect of Leeds by opting for a flying experience. This unique experience will reveal the diversity of the British landscape, with its architectural heritage, natural wealth and ancient history.

1. Yorkshire Dales:
During a flying experience over Leeds, the Yorkshire Dales are revealed in all their splendor, exposing a succession of verdant valleys, vast hills and rocky ridges. Stretches of moorland and pasture create a vivid picture, vibrant with the colors of untamed wilderness. The flight you choose will show you the perfect harmony between nature, history and farming traditions. Every detail of the landscape, every shade of green you see, reveals the richness and diversity of this Yorkshire gem.

2. Harewood House:
Harewood House by microlight is an experience to marvel at. The sumptuous gardens and extensive grounds surrounding this elegant residence reflect British architectural excellence. Fly over this marvel and experience the richness of England's heritage. It's a journey to the heart of English history and culture, making your flight unforgettable.

3. The Wharfe River Valley:
The River Wharfe Valley, seen from a microlight over Leeds, is a dazzling sight. The winding paths of the Wharfe meander through a varied landscape. It's a beautiful escape into the heart of Yorkshire's natural beauty that an aerial experience will bring you. The Wharfe Valley transforms every moment of flight into a natural work of art.

4. Temple Newsam:
Flying over Temple Newsam by plane or helicopter gives you a unique perspective on this architectural treasure. The estate reveals a harmony of formal gardens and farmland. The historical richness and natural beauty of this place blend together when you have a view from the sky. This flyover is an invitation to discover the splendor of England aboard a private aircraft with passionate pilots. What are you waiting for? 

5. Roundhay Park:
Roundhay Park is an immense green setting. Aboard a private plane or helicopter, you'll see sparkling lakes and vast meadows. A haven for flora and fauna, flying over the park lets you appreciate the many facets of its ecosystem. The tranquility and natural beauty of Roundhay Park promise a rich visual spectacle, making every moment of the flight exceptional and memorable.

What are you waiting for your flying experience over Leeds?
Every place you fly over will give you unforgettable memories of Leeds and its hidden treasures. Don't wait any longer, book your microlight flight over Leeds now for an extraordinary adventure over these sites. If you've never flown before, this is your chance for an extraordinary maiden flight: share your magical moments and discoveries on social networks and invite your friends to enjoy this unique experience!

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