Cessna 172

It's the number one on Wingly. It is the most represented aircraft on the platform. There are around 1000 available flights in a Cessna 172.

But it's not just on Wingly that the Cessna 172 is a hit. It's the best-selling aircraft in all categories. With more than 44,000 models, the Cessna 172 is the best-selling aircraft in history. And it's still in production 65 years after its first flight! This aircraft has stamped its mark on history. Some say that a flying club without a Cessna 172 is not a flying club.

The 172 is exclusively a touring aircraft. The Cessna T-41 Mescalero is often considered to be the military version of the 172. In 65 years, there have been many variations of the 172 (from 172A to 172S).

The high wing of the 172 improves the pilot's visibility and makes landing easier to control. Hence the success with amateur pilots and flying clubs. Interestingly, the C172 holds the world flight endurance record.







4 seats max

Average price

£180 / h

Flights with Cessna 172

578 flights found with Cessna 172