Cessna models on Wingly

Cessna models

Cessna models

Cessna is an American manufacturer founded in 1927, just like Piper. The company owes its name to its creator: Clyde Cessna. The brand has a unique history since Clyde Cessna was a Kansas state farmer, passionate about aviation and a builder of wooden planes. After creating the Travel Air Manufacturing Company with two partners, he finally founded the Cessna Company in 1927, on his own.

Cessna planes are unique in that they are high wing planes. This means that the aircraft will be very stable to fly and is essentially provides an ideal characteristic for flight school planes.

Today, the Cessna 172 is the most widespread private plane in the world (and on Wingly). It was created in 1956, and sold 1400 models that year before being declined in different models.

As it happens, these days Cessna builds more planes than any other aeronautical manufacturer in the world! It goes without saying that the construction of Cessna 172 and an Airbus 380 cannot be compared.

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