Beechcraft Bonanza A36

Beechcraft is an absolutely mythical American manufacturer and the Bonanza A36 is its most legendary plane. It appeared between 1945 and 1947, as a revolutionary touring plane.

When it was first marketed in 1947, the Bonanza A36 is a particularly fast, aerodynamic, 6-passenger aircraft with retractable landing gear. It is rare.

The revolutionary aircraft suffered some setbacks in its early years. After a few setbacks (notably discussions about the danger of its V-shaped tail), sales of the Beechcraft took off.

Overall, as many as 17,000 Bonanza A36 were built by Beechcraft. The device is so mythical that it even appears in an album by Tintin (The Sunflower Affair).




Bonanza A36


6 seats max

Average price

£371 / h

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