Beechcraft models on Wingly

Beechcraft models

Beechcraft models

Another American manufacturer founded in the early 20th century! The founder of Beechcraft, Walter H. Beech, is none other than Clyde Cessna's first partner. They decided they weren't on the same wavelength, so the two separated and have created two of the most legendary names in global light aviation. Today, Cessna and Beechcraft together hold around 30% of the global light aviation market and have more than 70,000 functional aircraft worldwide.

While Cessna built monoplanes, Beechcraft specialized in biplanes. It is well-known that Beechcraft's early history was written in the army. Between 1943 and 1944, the company delivered 356 Model 17's to the USAAF and the US Navy. Then, as many as 7400 planes were produced for the American armed forces.

Beechcraft is extremely popular in the US and there are flights on Wingly in Beechcraft.

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