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Guildford, GB

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Hi, I am good safe friendly pilot flying for fun, looking to share my experiences with others on a cost sharing basis. I fly several different types of aircraft, 4-6 seat, single and multi engine propeller aircraft. I generally select an aircraft appropriate to the route planned, but if you prefer a specific aircraft this can certainly be arranged depending on availability. I originally trained in the US where I obtained my FAA PPL (ASEL) and also Instrument Rating (IR). I also hold EASA SEP, MEP, Night and IMC/IR(R) ratings. This year (2019) I am would like to do several trips in the Seneca twin which can carry up to 6 people so ideally I am looking for 3-4 passengers per flight to keep the costs down. Please ask me about this. If I have not listed a specific location or experience you are interested in, please do ask! All my flights are flexible so please contact me so we can make specific arrangements. Check my feedback too from others who have flown with me, you wont be disappointed! Any questions? Do ask me! ----------------------- The fleet I fly comprises: Cessna 172M. 150hp, 100kt cruise. Basic high wing aircraft, good for sightseeing and shorter trips. Piper PA28-181 Archer II. 180hp, 115kt cruise. Good for medium distance trips with slightly higher cruise speed. Piper PA28R-201 Arrow III. 200hp 120kt cruise. This is a complex aircraft with retractable gear and variable pitch/constant speed propeller. The Arrow is a little more expensive but you get there faster, and it's a nicer plane overall. Cessna 182Q. This has serious lifting power with it's 230hp engine, so I can easily take 3. 130kt cruise, variable pitch prop and cowl flaps. Mooney M20K. This is a real going places aircraft, fastest of them all. This 231 model is 210hp turbocharged so really shifts, 160kt with ease! Has all the complex parts as the other aircraft have but with the addition of a full autopilot which certainly makes things easier! Piper Seneca III, 2 x 210hp turbocharged engines, 160kt cruise. This is a fast twin engine aircraft capable of carrying up to 6, 2 in the front and 4 in the back in a 'club' seating arrangement. Twin engine aircraft are larger, more comfortable, and have the benefit of being able to continue flight even on only 1 engine so there is an additional safety factor built in. --------------

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