Jose, Pilot

Madrid, Spain

Joined in November 2018


Pilot information

Private Pilot License holder

230 Total flying hours

90 Flying hours over the last year

Additional qualifications

Mountain Qualification

Night Flight Qualification

About Jose

I learned to fly in Munich. Munich is near to Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the beautiful Alps. Flying in the mountains you'll live unique sensations in an environment full of breathtaking beauty. In order to enjoy this breathtaking beauty, it's essential to be a good or "better" pilot. Safe flying and maximum pleasure, permanent attention, good airmanship and piloting with precision will be your best friends in this beauty and difficult wonders of the world. I invite you to live an unforgettable and safe experience where ever you want. Seat your belt, put on the Headset and enjoy the flight. Let's fly away together....🛫.

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