Arne, Pilot

Oslo, Norway

Joined in July 2016


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Light Aircraft Pilot License holder

1200 Total flying hours

20 Flying hours over the last year

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Night Flight Qualification

About Arne

I have more than 20 years experience flying light aircrafts. Qualifications: Instructor CRI(A) SEP(land) SEP(sea). Private Pilot Licence (Europe, USA, and Australia). Land, Sea, and Ski ratings. Night Approved. LAPL since 2019. Aircrafts in my logbook: AA5, C150, C172, C182, C206, C77R, CH2T, DA40, J3, PA18, P28A, PA38, and SR22. Member of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots (City of London) and the global Rotary e-club of Aviation. I have also served on the boards of Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAF), International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians Scandinavia (IFFR), and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Norway (AOPA).

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