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Slough, United Kingdom

Joined in November 2017


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34 Flying hours over the last year

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I am a very experienced pilot, been flying since the 1970's in various parts of the world including the U.S.A., Europe and the U.K. I have been regularly flying this type of aircraft since the early 1990's and have flown as far as Gibraltar, Malaga and various other continental destinations in small, light aircraft. These aircraft are fully equipped with the latest navigational technology (radios, GPS, autopilot ILS etc.) I enjoy introducing people to aviation and have been successful reassuring even the most nervous of passengers. I have also instructed with the Air Training Corps. Please bear in mind that enquiries only become firm bookings once registered with Wingly, so I am happy to discuss details, but cannot hold flights open until they are booked on the Wingly website. NOTE: Many Dates are becoming booked up so message me to check availability. Thank you.

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