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Lake District

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The Lake District is known internationally as one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Nestled in a lush landscape, the Lake District is a preeminent national park who has been for centuries an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration for authors and artists who fell under the spell of its breathtaking panoramas and allure. The Lake District is the perfect fusion of quintessential British culture with charming villages and nature's grandeur. Indeed, as you travel through its beautiful rolling hills, you will stumble upon idyllic postcard looking towns and villages that capture and encapsulate the essence of British heritage. Peppered across the landscape, they will for sure make your visit memorable and make you remember the Lake District for a while. The region gets its name from the majestic lakes that lie at its heat. Reflecting the surrounding peaks and valleys, these pristine bodies of water have been a source of inspiration and solace for centuries. The interplay of light and water creates an ever-changing canvas that has beckoned artists to capture its beauty on canvas, immortalizing its transient splendor for generations to come. Around the lakes grows verdant forest that will remind you of fairytales. They shelter a diverse flora and fauna that you can observe and study, forming a delicate ecosystem that thrives in harmony. If you visit the Lake District, take long walks between the forests and the Lake and let your imagination blossom, just like all the artists who got inspired by its tranquility and untouched realm. Rising proudly beyond the lakes and forests are the majestic mountains that punctuate the horizon. Their towering peaks, often veiled in mist, stand as sentinels of time, bearing witness to the passage of ages. These natural giants not only contribute to the region's visual splendor but also beckon adventurers to conquer their heights, rewarding them with awe-inspiring vistas that stretch to the horizon. The Lake District is a true wonder of the United Kingdom that must be visited and enjoyed. But what better way to really immerse yourself in its beauty than from the sky ? Get onboard a Wingly flight and get transported by its landscape. From the clouds you will be able to admire its true grandeur and will make unforgettable memories. In a plane or a helicopter, with Wingly, you will get the chance to fly with local certified pilots who will transmit their passion of the Lake District.

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