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Fly over Manchester

Why fly over Manchester in a private plane or helicopter?

Manchester is the cradle of the industrial revolution and a particularly dynamic cultural centre. It is a British metropolis with a rich past and a promising future. Although often associated with its museums, music and football teams, the natural beauty and architectural heritage surrounding the city are just as impressive. By opting for a private flight, you have the opportunity to discover Manchester and the surrounding area from a unique and wonderful angle.

Manchester from the sky

From the air, Manchester's cityscape spreads out like a living canvas. You can spot icons such as the Central Library and the neo-Gothic Town Hall, as well as the modern towers of Beetham and Deansgate Square. The twists and turns of the River Irwell are clearly visible, as is the Old Trafford sports complex, a veritable football shrine. The contrast between historic buildings and contemporary architecture tells the story of the evolution of this industrial city into a modern metropolis.

The Pennines

The Pennines stretch out like the "backbone of England", offering rolling landscapes, craggy peaks and lush green valleys. From a plane or a helicopter, this mountain range presents a rugged beauty, showing you a glimpse of the landform that once fuelled local industries with its rich resources.

Peak District National Park

Just outside Manchester, the Peak District is the UK's very first national park. Its rolling hills, limestone plateaux and valleys will delight your eyes from the air. You can fly over iconic sites such as Stanage Rock and the Dovedale Gorge, while admiring the beautiful colours of nature as they change with the seasons.

Lyme Castle

Nestling in the heart of a vast estate, Lyme Castle is a jewel of Elizabethan architecture (16th century). With its towers, manicured grounds and surrounding woodland, the castle epitomises the charm of the English countryside. From a private plane or a helicopter, you can appreciate the scale of the estate and the splendour of the castle itself.

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Lovelll's telescope at Jodrell Bank stands proud among green fields. This observatory, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not only an astronomical pioneer but also an architectural marvel. Flying over it, you can marvel at its imposing size and futuristic shape. You might also be lucky enough to see a few sheep grazing.

Dovestone Reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir lies at the foot of the Pennines. It is surrounded by rolling green hills and dense woodland. The tranquillity of the water reflecting off the sky is a soothing sight. Seen from the sky, the contrast between the blue of the reservoir and the green tones of the surrounding land creates a natural mosaic of stunning beauty.

What are you waiting for to discover Manchester?

Manchester is much more than just an industrial city. Its rich mix of culture, history and natural beauty makes it ideal for an aerial microlight adventure. Whether you're a nature lover, architecture enthusiast or simply curious, flying over Manchester and the surrounding area on a sightseeing flight will provide you with an unforgettable experience. If you've never flown before, this is your chance for an extraordinary maiden flight! So why not book your flight with Wingly?

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