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Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It boasts a unique blend of rich history, cultural diversity and breathtaking scenery. Exploring Cardiff from the air aboard a microlight or helicopter offers an exciting new perspective on this dynamic city and its breathtaking surroundings.

Why fly over Cardiff in a microlight?

Flying over Cardiff by microlight is a unique opportunity to see the city and its natural surroundings from a completely different perspective. It combines the sensations of flight with the beauty of Cardiff, the Welsh countryside and the surrounding coastline.

Discover Cardiff Bay by Plane

With its impressive waterfront and iconic buildings, Cardiff Bay is a sight to behold from the air. The transformation of the bay from a busy port to a modern cultural center is best appreciated from above, where the mix of historic and contemporary architecture can be fully appreciated.

Fly Over Castell Coch

Castell Coch, nestled in the woods north of Cardiff, looks like something out of a fairytale. Viewing this 19th-century neo-Gothic castle from a microlight or helicopter allows you to appreciate its beauty and colorful setting amidst dense forests and rolling hills.

The Cliffs of the Welsh Coast

The sheer cliffs and breathtaking coastline of Wales showcase some of the most spectacular scenery in the British Isles. Flying along the coast, you'll enjoy incomparable views of cliffs, secluded coves and the vast expanse of ocean.

Peek at The Vale of Glamorgan from the Air

The Vale of Glamorgan, with its lush landscapes, historic villages and extensive coastline, is even more spectacular from above. The aerial view highlights the contrast between lush green fields, golden beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Severn Bridge

The Severn Bridge stretches majestically over the River Severn, marking the border between Wales and England. From a microlight or helicopter, the bridge is a striking landmark that highlights human ingenuity against a backdrop of natural beauty.

The Beaches of Swansea Bay

Flying further west from Cardiff, the beaches of Swansea Bay unfold beneath your feet. From the coves of the Gower Peninsula to Swansea's bustling waterfront, the region's natural beauty is unsurpassed and the highlight of any flight.

What are you waiting for to discover Cardiff?

Exploring Cardiff and the surrounding area from the air aboard a microlight is an exhilarating and instructive adventure. It's an unforgettable experience that offers panoramic views and a unique perspective on the capital of Wales and the magnificent landscapes that surround it. So why not take advantage of the opportunity Wingly has to offer?

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