Airbus Helicopters AS350 Ecureuil

You've probably already seen this helicopter. You'll see it all over the TV, and it's why we're so familiar with it. It is perhaps the most versatile helicopter on the market. The AS350 Ecureuil is light, maneuverable and very reliable.

It is made up of composite materials and exists in two versions: single- or twin-engine. From there, it has been rejected in various other versions, some intended for very specific markets or even for certain armies. Around fifty states use the Ecureuil in a military or governmental context.

It has fairly low noise and vibration levels, which makes it interesting for certain functions such as tracking and reconnaissance.

You can find quite a few AS350 Squirrel flights on the Wingly platform.

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AS350 Ecureuil


7 seats max

Average price

£1,160 / h

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