Zenair models on Wingly

Zenair models

Dedicated to the development of metal sports and touring aircraft in kit form, Zenair is a Canadian company that was founded in 1974 in Ontario. It joined forces with Czech Aircraft Works in 1992 to produce kits for the European market, which were marketed by Zenair Europe. With the Zenith CH 2000 in 1994, Zenair put for the first time a foot outside the amateur construction market. Today, the company has several subsidiaries such as Zenith Aircraft Company founded in 1992 producing the STOL CH 701, and Aircraft Manufacturing & Development co-founded in 2000 producing the Alarus CH 2000 and the Zodiac XL. In 2006, Zenair signed the cessation of production in the Czech Republic and signed a partnership in 2007 with Advanced Aircraft and Dyn'Aéro, a French company.

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