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Yakovlev models

About Yakovlev

Yakovlev is a Russian aircraft designer and manufacturer, headquartered in Moscow. Founded in 1934, the firm designed and constructed several prominent World War II fighters such as the YAK-1, YAK-3 and YAK-7. During its history, Yakovlev has branched out to produce aircraft for a wide range of roles including jet fighters, experimental aircraft, training aircraft and commercial passenger jets, with three new designs currently proposed or in development. You will find several Yakovlev models listed on Wingly, most commonly the memorably-shaped YAK-52, seating one pilot and one passenger. Developed as a military trainer, this aircraft has found success as an aerobatic performer in modern times. Interestingly, Soviet-era aircraft would display their altitude in meters rather than in feet (the more commonly used measurement), meaning that flight instruments would often have to refitted when the aircraft were sold on to the Western market.

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