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Saab models

SAAB is the name of a Swedish aerospace manufacturer. This name is the acronym for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (which can be translated as "Swedish Aeroplane Company"). The group comprises two distinct companies: SAAB AB and SAAB Automobile AB. Its main activities are in aerospace, defense, and civil security. SAAB was established on April 2, 1937, by the Swedish government to create an aerospace industry capable of defending the country’s neutrality. The capital was provided by the Wenner-Gren family, a group of industrialists and financiers. The company's operations began with the licensed assembly of American and German aircraft, in an effort to respect neutrality. It took off with the creation of the first entirely Swedish-designed aircraft, the B 17, in 1940. However, the return to peace and the uncertainties about the future of aerospace led the company's leaders to diversify their activities. Saab Technologies, completely separated from Saab Automobile since 1990, offers, in addition to its aerospace expertise, development activities in the sectors of military defense, civil security, and communication. Employing more than 13,200 people in 2010, the group is heavily involved in European projects as well as in South Africa, the United States, and Australia. Research and development account for 20% of its activities.

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