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Ryan Aeronautical Company models

Ryan is a famous American aircraft designer of the 20th century. Tubal Claude Ryan, the founder, followed an unconventional career path. He started his career as a cadet in the U.S. Airforce, after which he became an exhibition pilot for passengers looking to discover aviation. Alongside his work as a pilot, he became an instructor. Through obtaining his license, he met what would become his future partner Benjamin Franklin Mahoney. Together, they became equal partners in Ryan Airlines ($50,000 each).

Ryan Airlines is well-known for building extraordinary aircraft such as the famous Ryan M-2 which served as the base for Charles Lindbergh's famous Spirit of Saint Louis. The two partners later separated and Ryan renamed his company the Ryan Aircraft Company.

As a result, the American manufacturer produced other aircraft such as the Ryan ST (monoplane) and the Ryan SCW-145 (a three-seater) in order to be able to take part in sporting competitions such as the "Sport Cup".

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