Reims Aviation models on Wingly

Reims Aviation models

Reims Aviation is an aircraft manufacturing company that was born in 1967 in Prunay, near Reims and ceased its activity in 2014. The origin of the company dates back to 1933 and was known at the time as """"Avions Max Holste"""". Max Holste was a pioneer engineer in the field of aviation and developed various aircraft such as the MH 52 and several light aircraft. Later on, the company joined forces with the famous manufacturer Cessna to become Reims Aviation. During its history, Reims Aviation has participated in many military and civil aeronautical programs, such as the Transall ailerons or the Mirage III fuselage. It should be noted that all Reims Aviation aircraft were produced in collaboration with Cessna, the F406 will be the last Cessna type aircraft to be assembled in Reims in 2013.

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