Cirrus models on Wingly

Cirrus models

Cirrus models

The Cirrus design was founded in 1984 in the United States. The company first manufactured the VK-30 in a kit but today offers several models of light aircraft well known to amateurs: the SR20, the SR22 and the SR22T.

In 20 years of production, Cirrus has manufactured and sold over 7,000 of its SRs and is the largest producer of piston engine airplanes in recent years. All Cirrus planes are made of composite materials. The manufacturer quickly established itself as one of the pioneers in the use of innovative materials and new technologies.

When they entered the market, SRs were the first aircraft to put an emphasis on safety: the flight envelope protection system and airbag belts were a first, for example.

There are plenty of Wingly flights carried out in Cirrus aircraft.

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