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York, Royaume-Uni

Inscrit en mai 2017

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Glider and power pilot based from North Yorkshire. I love the great outdoors and having the ability to take it all in from the air. There is no better way see the sites in this amazing part of the world we live in. Within a stones throw there are countless country houses, geographical features, market towns, beautiful cities and landmarks. Four years ago I started gliding from Sutton Bank and immediately got hooked to the thrill of flying. Gliding is undoubtedly the purest way to experience flight, soaring with no engine, just using rising air currents to stay up. Two years ago I decided it was time to get my PPL so went to Spain for a month and a half to learn. I take every flight seriously and dedicate time and effort into ensuring that each and every flight is conducted with a thorough attention to detail and safety. I want to be able to share the amazing experience of flying and for people to go away with a beaming smile...and hopefully hooked like me!

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