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Andrew, Pilot shield-green

Cardiff, Vereinigtes Königreich

Beigetreten im Mai 2017


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Hi I'm Andrew, I have been flying for 12 years and enjoy sharing the experience with friends and family. As a Commercial Pilot, I have passed my Airline Transport Pilots Licence exams, and hold both a SEP (Single Engine Piston) and MEP (Multi Engine Piston) rating along with a Night Qualification. I've also hold a Multi Engine Instrument Rating and hold a Class 1 medical. Having flown a number of aircraft, I enjoy flying my Rutan Long EZ the most. A 2 seater canard design, with a rear mounted engine and a light airframe made of composites. It has fantastic handling characteristics and about as close to an F-16 fighter jet you'll get in the piston world. With a 12hr duration and nearly 2,000 mile range, there aren't many places we cant go. However, oxygen is needed if cruising at 35,000ft (and a warm coat). I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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