Sean, Pilot

Sheffield, Vereinigtes Königreich

Beigetreten im Februar 2022


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I'm a private pilot (day job in the IT industry) living in Sheffield and based out of Doncaster Airport & Sandtoft airfield. As well as having my standard PPL licence I also have qualifications to fly at night and in poor weather. This is something that comes in very useful in the UK, where conditions can change significantly in the 1-2 hours between takeoff and landing! I qualified in 2021 and have been flying regularly and often since. I'm studying for the Airline Transport Pilot theory exams alongside a full-time job with the intention to become a part-time flight instructor at the weekends - a process which takes a couple of years. I'm usually only available on weekends due to my work schedule, but I also have some weekday availability during the evenings in the summer for a 6pm or 7pm departure time. If you want to check availability for a date not listed on the calendar please get in touch. I only accept flight requests from airfields where I am based (Doncaster or Sandtoft), but will attempt to accommodate any special requests or routes as long as they are safe & legal. If you have any doubt, message in advance before booking.

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