Mitglied seit Mai 2023

Verifiziert von Wingly


Der Pilot fliegt in seiner Freizeit und zahlt seinen Anteil beim Flug auf Kostenteilungsbasis mit.


110 Gesamtflugstunden • 30 Flugstunden in den letzten 12 Monaten

Über Julio

Hi! I'm Julio, a passionate aviation enthusiast and a private pilot with years of experience in the skies. Since I was a child, I've always loved the feeling of freedom and excitement that comes with being in the air, and I love to share that passion with others through Wingly. Whether you need a personalized flight experience or a fast and reliable transport solution, I'm here to help. With my aviation skills and knowledge, I take pride in offering a high-quality and safe service to meet your air travel needs. I am committed to your satisfaction and safety, and I will strive to make your flight experience exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your flight needs and work together on a customized solution that meets and exceeds your expectations!

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