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Raja, Pilote shield-green

Ruislip, Royaume-Uni

Inscrit en juin 2020


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I love flying, I love it so much that if I could give up the day job I would. I am involved in three aircraft projects which will bring more access to people esp in Asia. I believe everyone should have the chance to fly. I would call myself and aviator more than a pilot. I've flown in US, Canada, Australia and even in Malaysia and Indonesia. I tried flying in India but they make it very difficult. I have done Middle East and Africa, and now back to Europe as my daughter (4 going on 45) starts school here. I like innovative and unusual. So I will post unusual flights, Paris is a normal but Iceland, Bavarian Castles, Norway and really anything works. It is important to live life and enjoy every minute. We're only here once (well as a Hindu I would say a few times) but we should enjoy what we have now.

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