Paul, Pilot

Ash , GB, United Kingdom

Joined in June 2018


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Private Pilot License holder

450 Total flying hours

32 Flying hours over the last year

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Night Flight Qualification

Instrument Rating

About Paul

Hi flying enthusiasts. My name is Paul Denbigh. I have held my PPL since 2010. I have since supplemented it with the IMC rating - now IR(R). This rating allows flight in instrument conditions and provides the option, for example, to divert to an airfield with an instrument landing system, in the event of poor weather preventing flight back to my home airfield. I have around 410 hours in my log book. I have a share in a lovely PA-28 Piper Arrow 4. I fly a number of other types (complex and simpler!) I am the MD and co-owner of a small IFA practice in London, specialising in showbiz clients. Aside from my love of flying, I am an avid skier, runner and walker. I often fly with my wife and two kids, Andrew and Christina. I try to fly as much as I can. I love hopping over to France/Channel Islands, as well as the shorter trips such as to Bembridge, which affords a fantastic day out, with a flight time of less than 30 minutes from my home airfield - Blackbushe. While I am qualified to fly in instrument conditions, I generally prefer to fly in nice weather and find my passengers prefer it too! Important: I am a private - NOT COMMERCIAL - pilot. Flying in a single-engine piston aircraft is a higher risk activity than flying commercially. Cost sharing, private flights with me are conducted on the understanding that I have sole discretion over whether or not the flight proceeds, with factors such as weather and other unforeseen events preventing flight from time to time at short notice, sometimes minutes before our planned departure time. Important information:'m-a-passenger

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