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Barcelona, Spanien

Beigetreten im Oktober 2021


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22 years old fATPL (A) Integrated Qualified Pilot at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. Owner of a Tecnam P92-2000RG EC-ZDG based in Moià el Prat, a peaceful and scenic small airfield 50 minutes drive from Barcelona, Spain. An aviation enthusiast, with significant experience in Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft including Cessna C152, C172N/G/FRJ, Piper PA28, Beechcraft B36, Tecnam P92-2000RG, and Multi-Engine Piston Aircraft (MEP) Piper PA27, PA34, PA44, Tecnam P2006. Furthermore, my background includes Aerobatic Training with a Murdry CAP-10 aircraft, even attending the Spanish Aerobatic Championship 2018 (CEVA18) and acquiring the Silver Medal in Primary Class. I am currently a volunteer at FPAC (Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya) as Safety Pilot in a Cessna 172G EC-BBJ. Licenses, Ratings and Certificates: EASA CPL (ME/IR) + PBN EASA MEP (land) EASA SEP (land) EASA A-UPRT EASA APS MCC B737-800W FFS EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate English & Spanish ICAO Level 6

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