Bob, Pilot

Dorking, Vereinigtes Königreich

Beigetreten im März 2017

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56 Flugstunden in den letzten 12 Monaten

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Über Bob

I am a PPL holder with night rating and instrument rating (IR(R)). I fly for the fun of it and enjoy company on the flight. I have flown into more than 100 different General Aviation (GA) airfields all over the UK and near continent, including Inverness, Fife, Barra (*), Le Touquet, Alderney, Paris, Munich, Midden Zeeland and Texel. The aircraft is a Socata Trinidad TB20, which will can take 3 passengers. Be aware that GA flying is very weather dependent and very safety-conscious, so for safety reasons a flight may be cancelled at short notice or delayed … and anyway, it’s not much fun if all you can see out of the window is the inside of a cloud! (*) Barra is the famous beach landing in the Outer Hebrides. There are two You-Tube clips that a friend of mine took when we went to Barra together in 2013.

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