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Woodstock, Vereinigtes Königreich

Beigetreten im August 2019


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Hello everybody, My name is Chris Bradbury. My day job is as a software professional in central London but whenever I have free time you'll usually find me in the air! (Much to my wife's often displeasure!) I have had a passion for aviation since I was a child and got my first taste of flight with the Air Cadets some twenty years ago. Today I'm a current, single engine piston, complex, retractable and turbocharged, instrument and night rated pilot along side building the hours required for me to transition into flying vintage jet powered warbirds like the RAF Jet Provost and Russian L29 Delphin. Three aircraft I primarily fly are: The Yak 52 (G-CDJJ) An ex Russian primary miliary trainer from the 1980's. Designed and built to replicate the cockpit experience of a MIG fighter jet, this two seat 400hp radial warbird is a fully aerobatic and provides an aviation experience like no other. Russian pilots would learn to fly on the Yak 52 before transitioning into the L29 (then onto the Mig fighter jets) I'm flying JJ for the same reason! Cessna 182 (G-OHAC) One of the most popular aircraft in the world. Think of it as the BMW 3 series of the sky. With a long range, 4 seats and a 140 knot cruise speed it's a 'going places' aeroplane. 'OHAC' might be a civilian bird these days but she started her life with the RAF at Benson as their commuter aircraft. Cessna.172 (G-RATI) The younger brother of the 182, the 172 is the aircraft that many people learned to fly on. It's perfect for an hour's sight seeing trip

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