James, Pilot

Bournemouth, Vereinigtes Königreich

Beigetreten im Juli 2019


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101 Gesamtflugstunden

12 Flugstunden in den letzten 12 Monaten

Über James

Having been an aviation enthusiast all my life, I started flying when I was 15, went solo at 16 and gained my license when I was 17. I am now 22 and looking to share my passion with other like minded people. Once you have the flying bug, it never leaves you! As you are most likely aware, flights can be cancelled at very short notice for a number of reasons. Health, weather, serviceability of aircraft all have a part to play in keeping flying safe, and I would never like to compromise the safety of the aircraft or the people in it! Feel free to message before booking. I may be able to accommodate any special requests you have! 😎✈️

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