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London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Beigetreten im Januar 2018

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Hi, I'm Oli and have been flying since 2010 in various types of small aircraft. With such a passion for Aviation, I am building flying experience and what better way (cost effectively) than flying new friends to new places! I have my Private Pilot's Licence, Airline Transport Pilot Licence ground exams, a First Class Mathematics degree and a sense of humour... all necessary for being a successful Wingly pilot! I am particularly interested in longer distance flights to the Isle of Wight and Europe and have all the necessary safety equipment for flights over water (Lifejackets, Liferaft etc.). I usually record my flights with a few GoPros to improve the accuracy of my flying and to share aviation with a wider audience. You can find my footage on my Instagram page (www.instagram.com/arateofknots/). If you have any questions about flying with me or about my aircraft please just get in touch!

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